Priorities 2022

Since I was elected in 2018 much has been delivered in Limehouse ward. But there is still much to do. Labour’s priorities for Limehouse are:

  • More resources to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour
    Fighting for CCTV Cameras where needed and strengthened partnerships with local police
  • Investment in parks and the public realm
    Deliver planned investment in parks like St James’ Gardens and campaign for more new green infrastructure
  • Improving our estates
    More greenery, upgraded building and new kitchens and bathrooms in THH properties
  • Standing up for our young people
    Get more sessions running from Limehouse Youth Hub
  • Cleaning our streets, cleaning our air
    Increase waste collection capacity, install more air quality monitors and campaign for measures to make Limehouse greener

What are your priorities for Limehouse ward? Fill in the form below.

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