Waste collection survey


I have been disappointed with the amount of repeated missed waste collection complaints I have received in 2019. There are ongoing issues in Newell Street, Limekiln Wharf and other private blocks near Westferry DLR in particular.

These issues can usually get cleared with a bit of prodding, but the way these issues repeats highlights there is bigger problem, which is why a review is being called for.

With the waste collection service set to come ‘in-house’ in April this is a good time to review the service in Limehouse ward and seek guarantees for an improved service.

Residents are encouraged to sign this petition on the council’s website to trigger a public question and response at the next council meeting: http://democracy.towerhamlets.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=96&RPID=25085112&HPID=25085112

Please fill in the form below to let me know about instances of missed collections you have experienced.

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