Malting & Brewster Houses Structural work


The Mayor and Cabinet of Tower Hamlets will be agreeing a plan for the structural repair of the Malting and Brewster Houses.

You can click the links below to find the papers the Cabinet will be basing their decisions on.

Backbench councillors can ask questions about how and why the council is making decisions before they are made at Cabinet. This is the list of questions Cllr James King has submitted.

  •  What are the terms of the insurance for the block? Why can’t the cost of structural repair be paid out by an insurance claim?
  • What have the causes of the delay in this decision being made been? Original timelines had this decision being made in January, yet it is not being signed off until June
  • The Decent Homes work had a cap of £15k for leaseholders. Why was this and why can’t it be applied this time?
  • Why has an equalities impact assessment not been carried out at this stage? Will there be one?
  • Where have similar structural repair projects taken place in London? Have THH met those freeholders and contractors to learn from them?
  • Who is the specialist sub-contactor under Wates? 6.2 mentions two sub contractors being engaged but it’s not clear if one or both will be. Was the tendering process open to other potential sub contractors?
  • Why are landlord leaseholders eligible to claim back the cost of the decant of private tenants?
  • Where are the details of the consultation process? Is the decision subject to a formal consultation process? Or is the consultation process mentioned in the report just about the practicalities of the execution of the project?
  • What other considerations were taken into account in appointing Wilde Carter clack to do the structural assessment beyond their history with the building?

Do you have your own questions? Please email Cllr King on or fill in the form below.

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