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An application to redevelop 767-785 Commercial Road is to come to Tower Hamlets’ planning committee on Thursday 24th January 2019.

While redevelopment at the site is welcome, it should not be at the expense of obligations to build social and affordable housing.

That’s why local councillors are objecting to the scheme as it stands.

Do you support the call for social and affordable housing on this site? Sign the petition below. The text is the same as the petition conducted in the community by Limehouse Town Hall Consortium Trust.

“We the undersigned, residents of E14 and Tower Hamlets, object to the proposed development at 767-785 Commercial Road, London E14 7HG. This is a major housing development that included no affordable housing. We believe allowing this development to go ahead would set a dangerous standard in a locality that is in urgent need of affordable and social housing. We believe it does not comply with London and London Borough of Tower Hamlets policy on affordable housing and that it makes no effort to foster social diversity, redress social exclusion and strengthen communities’ sense of responsibility for, and identify with, their neighbourhood.”

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